Dr Matthias Seidel

Phone Consultation

Following the Covid-19 Mandation exclusion (I am unwilling to publicize my Covid vax status), I had to cease all medical activity to avoid a potential criminal offence.

Since early December 2020 I have registration again, presently working as a locum at Rotorua Hospital (including night shifts: - hence the early Christmas Break)


My expertise is in the area of:

  • healthy pregnancy and labour planning
  • medical support for midwives,  GPs and other therapists of their patients' (women's) health
  • painful and heavy periods (endometriosis)
  • chronic pelvic and functional abdominal pain
  • women's urinary urge and incontinence
  • complementary cancer care

Please request a telephone consultation by e-mailing me,

or call me on 022 543 2280 (mostly voicemail)