Dr Matthias Seidel

1.) True interest and compassion for our fellow human being
2.) Mutual respect of our life's aims without any coercion
3.) (Re-)cognition of spirituality and soul

Understanding the world must progress from a theoretical view to an actual power in life. Spiritual Science for the spirit, freedom of cultural life for the soul, brotherhood for the bodily life: Rudolf Steiner spoke about these goals in a lecture (9th Oct 1918) in Zurich.


More than 100 years on, and post-Covid it sounds so true. Mattias Desmet ("The Psychology of Totalitarianism") points out how during the industrial revolution we got separated within our communities from each other, and following specialization of science effecting societal and cultural isolation.

How to overcome separation and isolation? - Overcoming a merely reactive or passive attitude is difficult in a world of a-synchronous communication which fosters merely for a "virtual" reality. Listening and speaking with each other, interacting, is the first step to take initiative. Further, to encompass the inspiring thoughts and deeds of our forebearers or"heroes", and especially to share this experience with friends, is an effective activity to overcome our isolation, and the separations within our communities in our post-Covid times.


What is health; ultimately what is the meaning of life?

How can I contribute to, and enjoy a well and wealthy life in my family, community, and society?


These fundamental questions we share. The answers and the path to its attainment, are as numerous as we are individuals. 


My name is Matthias Seidel, I am a semi-retiring medical specialist, concerned about deteriorating health and wellness, and growing rifts in our communities and society.

How often do we feel

  • powerless to overcome our own, or our loved one's societal and/or health challenges 
  • personal isolation and increasing awareness of divisions in society, unable or unwilling to see how much we have in common, how much there is to share
  • a loss of orientation, of meaning in life?

I want to bring us together: speaking with each other, listening and interacting 

  • by meeting in real-time
  • listening to each other and finding out in conversation what is "alive" in us (what is moving us?) 
  • hearing how leaders and forebearers have mastered their challenges
  • discovering our common ground, possibly sharing a part of the journey toward our goals


As Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, I offer presently telephone conversations concerning second opinions.


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