Dr Matthias Seidel


There are two conversation and study groups and a reading group  conducted on ZOOM, described in general in the submenu.

Presently, Christmas and Summer Break  5 DEC 2022 TO 15 JAN 2023.


The "Public Conversation and Study Groups" are fortnightly Thursday evenings from 7:30pm to 9 pm

Starting from a small group conversation we follow on with a study of topics in Journal/Book Club - Style around topics decided in the preceding meetings. The themes of the two-weekly Zoom Conversation are alternating

  1. health and wellness study (personal life improvement)
  2. an appreciation of community and society from the various angles offered by individual group members ("social three-fold order").

My aspiration for these meetings is the building of a peer group: may we realize through a mutual interest in each other's thoughts and actions, what and how much we have in common. In extension to the Zoom "gatherings" it is envisaged to meet in person, e.g. on my property on some Friday evenings (for those living locally), or half-yearly for "leisure weekends" especially for those living further away . 


The weekly "Rudolf Steiner Study Group", a reading group, is during the morning on a weekday, presently on Thursdays at 9 am. 


The ZOOM access and detailed program for the next one/two dates you find under "Events".


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