Dr Matthias Seidel

Public Conversation Groups

The public conversation groups are ZOOM sessions in small groups of 5 (max 10) participants. The sessions have three semi-dependent parts to it, each approximately 40 minutes.

  1. Study of a book or a journal article

  2. How does the reading relate to me, or: what is going on in my environment?

  3. Discussion of a designated (Rudolf Steiner) lecture.

Sessions are planned 2-weekly (alternating weekly)



To complement the predominantly reactive present health care, we want to understand life holistically and develop a pro-active "health literacy".

As "patients" we are reflecting on our individual challenges and taking charge of our own health journey.



As discerning "citizens" we reflect on our position in society. If we can identify common goals, we may initiate an inter-disciplinary working group:
e.g in area of lifestyle choices a (community) gardening and healthy cooking project, in medicine with fellow clinicians and medical colleagues banding together a holistic therapy group.

Each session can be chosen as single attendance, (and each part of each session independently). Ideally however

  • topics are mirrored and followed through in the three parts of each evening, and/or
  • groups could form and stay together through several sessions, continually working on more complex topics/books.

"My dream is...." - that for example in the "Community" Session

  • a group of maternity clinicians could work on an (online) antenatal and parenting unit.
  • e.g. osteopaths, homeopaths, doctors could discuss and find their ways of collaboratively treating patients with e.g. chronic inflammatory diseases (hypertension; irritable bowel syndrome; endometriosis).


The concluding part 3, the lecture on the topic (usually by Rudolf Steiner) is completely optional. I have practiced medicine that way all my career; I am not a proselytizer.


Links to Zoom Access and the literature for the specific lecture are detailed under "EVENTS"

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